Heart of Texas Country Music Association

Legendary Conversations With A Texas Disc Jockey

This 360 page book contains interviews with over eighty Country Music legends
including George Jones, Dolly Parton, Tom T. Hall, Ray Price, Ferlin Husky,
Darrell McCall, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Leona Williams, Grandpa
Jones, Tammy Wynette, Ferlin Husky, Justin Tubb, Curtis Potter, Johnny Bush,
Charley Pride, Big Bill Lister and many more.

The interviews are captured just as they were heard over the air on KNEL FM
95.3 in Brady, Texas, between these greats in the music business and disc
jockey Tracy Pitcox during the last twenty years.  This is truly a piece of
Country Music history.

Legendary Conversations is also highlighted by ninety eight photos of
Country Music entertainers and copies of letters from Jim Reeves, Grandpa
Jones, Pee Wee King, Loretta Lynn, Justin Tubb and Floyd Tillman.

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$13.95 Book

"I have done lots of interviews through the years and I feel most
comfortable talking to Tracy.  He knows the right questions to ask and I
feel that it is because he knows Real Country Music.  Tracy understands
where the Heart of a Country Song comes from so he gets right to the
entertainers soft spot and pulls our their true feelings.  He gets a little
more out of us than most people.  Read "Legendary Conversations" and you
will know what I mean.  Tracy Pitcox, there is no doubt that you are the
Forward From Leona Williams

"Meeting someone who so loves and is so devoted to pure Country Music is
amazing.  I knew I'd met one of these people several years ago when I met
Tracy!  Tracy's love for traditional Country is evident in all he does to
promote artists, as me.  He is truly an asset to all that loves this music.
I'm just lucky to be able to call him a dear sweek friend."
Book Liners From Loretta Lynn

$13.95 With Free Shipping In The USA Today!!
Out of Country Orders Add $5.00