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Curtis Potter & Willie Nelson

“Six Hours At The Pedernales”



1.  Nothings Changed, Nothings New

2.  Chase The Moon

3.  Are You Sure

4.  The Party's Over

5.  We're Not Talking Anymore

6.  Turn Me Loose And Let Me Swing

7.  Once You’re Past The Blues

8.  It Won’t Be Easy

9.  Stray Cats, Cowboys And Girls Of The Night

10.  The Best Worst Thing

11.   It Should Be Easier Now

12.  My Own Peculiar Way


CD $13.95

$13.95 CD

Songs Of The Cherokee Cowboy


1.  The Songs Of The

Cherokee Cowboy

(Duet with Willie Nelson)

2.  Danny Boy

3.  If She Could See Me Now

4.  I Love You So Much It Hurts Me

5.  Sittin’ and Thinkin’

6.  I Won’t Mention It Again (Duet with Ken Garrett)

7.  Walk Me To The Door

8.  I’m Still Not Over You

9.  It Should Be Easier Now

10.  Soft Rain

11.  Healing Hands Of Time

12.  Night Life

The Survivors II


1. KissingYour Picture

2.  Love Don’t See That Side Of You   
3.  I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name   
4.  Darling Are You Ever Coming Home
5.  She’ll Keep Bringing All Her Love To Me  
6.  Lucky Me  
7.  I Saw My Castles Fall Today  
8.  May Time My Lady  
9.  Touch My Heart   
10.  I’ll Keep On Loving You   
11.  If This Was Texas  
12.  Who Am I 






The Potter's Touch

Curtis Potter

"The Potter's Touch"


You Wouldn't Cross the Street (to Say Goodbye)

The End

Darkness On the Face of the Earth

 Bring Me Sunshine

 Will Love Still Feel Like a Song?

 I Don't Wanna Cry

 Once More With Feeling

 That's What I Do Best

 Sweet Memories

 Will You Ever Know?

 Some Other World

 A Fool Such as I

 Family Bible


Curtis Potter, Tony Booth, & Darrell McCall

The Survivors


1. Wasted Words

2.  Your Memory Is Killing Me

3.  Case Of Sorrow

4.  You Can't Take It With You

5.  My Confession

6.  Forever Yours

7.  Down At Ginny's

8.  There She Goes

9.  I'll See You In My Dreams Tonight

10.  Whiskey Man

11.  Love Don't Care

12.  It Is No Secret

$13.95 The Survivors

1) One Away From One Too Many Heartaches 2) Old Loves Never Die 3) I Wish It Was That Easy Going Home 4) Heart of a Clown 5) If This Was Texas 6) Then I Can Face Your Memory 7) We Never Touch At All 8) So Many Ways To Say Goodby 9) The Farther I Go With You 10) Oklahoma Sunshine 11) A Man With No Soul At All 12) Down In Texas Today

13.95 Down In Texas Today

Curtis Potter


$13.95 CD

Curtis Potter

"Them Old Honky Tonks"


Texas Legend Curtis Potter releases his first album on Heart of Texas Records "Them Old Honky Tonks". The project is full of great fiddle and steel guitar.

1) Them Old Honky Tonks Are Calling Me Again 2) I'll Never Always Love You 3) Holding On To Holding On 4) I Could Never Love You Now 5) That's Why Were Not Talking 6) Every Time I Hear That Fiddle 7) Faraway Feeling 8) I Can't Keep My Mind Off Of You 9) Lost In The Shuffle 10) Let Me Love In Peace 11) I'm Not Crazy Yet 12) The Day You Left Me

Nashville superpickers Dave Kirby and Buddy Emmons featured on this special project.

1)Chicago Dancin' Girls 2)If You Look A Little Less 3)She's Leaving and I'm Almost Gone 4)Blue Eyes Weren't Meant To Cry 5)A Better Way To Love 6)The Only One I Hold Against Her 7)Texas Had To Be Created 8)Am I Blue 9)I'm Not Supposed To Care 10)Best Worst Thing 11)Twin Fiddles Turn Me On 12)Waltz I Can Never Forget


13.95 Chicago Dancin' Girls