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Darrell McCall




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CD- Country From the Heart

Country From The Heart

1.  Cold Long Neck Beer  2:10
2.  Invitation To The Blues  2:34
3.  Florence Jean  2:40
4.  Jug  3:18
5.  For A Minute There  2:30
6.  Hurry Up  2:04
7.  The Marionette  2:22
8.  Get 'er Back On The Road  1:40
9.  Take Me As I Am  2:51
10.  She'll Unwine Me  2:53
11.Stone Heart  2:42
12.  The Best Of Our Good Times  2:23
13.  Just Ask Me (Duet with Guyanne McCall)  3:06

The Survivors II


1. KissingYour Picture

2.  Love Don’t See That Side Of You   
3.  I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name   
4.  Darling Are You Ever Coming Home
5.  She’ll Keep Bringing All Her Love To Me  
6.  Lucky Me  
7.  I Saw My Castles Fall Today  
8.  May Time My Lady  
9.  Touch My Heart   
10.  I’ll Keep On Loving You   
11.  If This Was Texas  
12.  Who Am I 




Darrell McCall

"Pictures Can't Talk Back"


1. Pictures Can't Talk Back (Featuring Johnny Paycheck)

2.  Nothing To Lose But The Blues

3.  I've Just Lost My Favorite Girl

4.  Just Ask Me For A Lifetime

5.  Farm Boy Blues

6.  While I Dream Of San Antone (Featuring Mona McCall)

7.  So Easy To Forgive Her

8.  Jeannie In A Bottle

9.  Will You Even Know

10.  Country Girl

11. Abilene (Darrell McCall & George Hamilton IV) **

**BONUS TRACK**      

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Darrell McCall And Johnny Bush

"Hot Texas Country"

Darrell McCall And Johnny Bush

"Hot Texas Country"


1.  The Twenty Fourth Hour

2.  Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

3.  Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie

4.  You Done Me Wrong

5.  If You'll Hold The Ladder

6.  I Can't See Texas From Here

7.  There'll Always Be Honky Tonks In Texas

8.  Just Ridin' Through

9.  Broken Promise Land

10.  Afternoon Rendezvous (With Mona McCall)


Curtis Potter, Tony Booth, & Darrell McCall

The Survivors


1. Wasted Words

2.  Your Memory Is Killing Me

3.  Case Of Sorrow

4.  You Can't Take It With You

5.  My Confession

6.  Forever Yours

7.  Down At Ginny's

8.  There She Goes

9.  I'll See You In My Dreams Tonight

10.  Whiskey Man

11.  Love Don't Care

12.  It Is No Secret


Darrell McCall

Keeping With Tradition

Darrell McCall

Keeping With Tradition

1.  Fast As I Can Crawl

2.  What Do You Know About Heartaches?

3.  Hello Out There

4.  The Fall

5.  Speak Well of Me

6.  That's The Way I Feel

7.  Are You Ever Coming Back To Your Memories?

8.  Wall Of Tears

9.  Most of All

10.  I'll Never Love No One But You

11.  You're Still Mine

12.  The Kind Of Love

Darrell McCall

A Way to Survive/All She Did Was Fall In Love
Twenty Songs On One CD!

1.  A Long Time Ago

2.  Let Me Be The First To Go

3.  All She Did Was Fall In Love

4.  Christmas In Cell #9

5.  Be A Good Girl

6.  Gonna Make A Change

7.  Coco Driel

8.  Cherie

9.  The Man I Used To Be

10.  Lonesome Shade of Blue

11.  Set Me Down Where Country Music Plays

12.  Reconsider Leaving Me

13.  Hide And Go Cheat

14.  After Texas

15.  I Guess I'm Getting Tired Of Loving You

16.  Secret Memories (With Mona McCall)

17.  Wall of Pictures

18.  As Long As I'm Dreaming

19.  If It Ain't Broke (Don't Fix It)

20.  A Way To Survive


Darrell McCall

"A Way To Survive & All She Did Was Fall In Love" 

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Darrell McCall

"Lily Dale"

"The Original Classic Recording"

Darrell McCall

"Lily Dale"

"The Original Classic Recording"

1.  Lily Dale (With Willie Nelson)
2.  I Come Home To Face The Music
3.  Dreams of A Dreamer
4.  Every Girl I See
5.  It's My Lazy Day
6.  Please Don't Leave Me
7.  The Days When You Were Still In Love With Me
8.  Tennessee
9.  Sad Songs And Waltzes
10.  Pins And Needles In My Heart





Darrell McCall


"The Essential"

Heart of Texas Records is pleased to present a compilation of many of Darrell's most request songs from the dance halls to the concert halls!

1.) Helpless  2.) Down The Road Of Daddy's Dreams  3.) The Fiddlin of Jacques Pierre Bordeaux  4.) It Took Us All Night Long To Say Goodbye  5.) It's The Water  6.) I'll Break Out Again Tonight  7.) Mixing Memories  8.) There's Still A Lot of Love In San Antone  9.) The Loser  10). Married Women  11). I Wonder Which One of Us Is To Blame  12). Long Line of Empties  13). Willie B  14). Eleven Roses  15). Face To The Wall (With Justin Trevino)


Darrell McCall


"The Essential"


Darrell McCall

Darrell McCall

"Old Memories and Wine"

Country Music Association of Texas Hall of Famer Darrell McCall releases his first album on Heart of Texas Records titled "Old Memories and Wine". The project is full of great fiddle and steel guitar.

1) Old Memories and Wine 2) Mary Dear 3) On This Mountaintop 4) I Miss You Already 5) The Deepening Snow (Mona McCall) 6) April First 7) Divorce Me C.O.D. 8) When Your House Is Not A Home 9) I Feel Like Crying 10) May Time My Lady 11) The French Song (Mona McCall) 12) Answer The Phone


Darrell McCall

"Old Memories and Wine"

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