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Tony Booth Tommy Hooker Bobby Lewis Frankie Miller Bobby G. Rice
Johnny Bush Ferlin Husky Big Bill Lister Kimberly Murray Hank Thompson
Al Dean Norma Jean Darrell McCall Joe Paul Nichols Floyd Tillman & Friends
Amber Digby Georgette Jones Diane McCall Rance Norton Kaye Tolson
Landon Dodd Dave Kirby Guyanne McCall Curtis Potter Frank Torres
Dottsy George Hamiliton IV Mona McCall Cowboy Slim Rhinehart Justin Trevino


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1.  Little South Of Memphis

2.  Back When Gas Was Thirty Cents A Gallon

3.  Dim Light Thick Smoke And Loud Music

4.  I Won't Love You Anymore

5.  She Put The Misery On Me

6.  MacArthur's Hand

7.  I Don't Care

8.  Put Me In Your Pocket

9.  House Down The Road

10.  The Comeback

11.  Good Morning Truck Driver

12.  It's Not Easy

13.  Young Widow Brown




Frankie Miller "Live At The Louisiana Hayride"
Recorded Live in 1959-1960 at the Historic Municipal Auditorium in

1.  Family Man
2.  Under Your Spell Again
3.  I'm Ragged But I'm Right
4.  Big Harlan Taylor
5.  Blackland Farmer
6.  The Honeymoon Is Over
7.  Mary, Don't You Weep
8.  The Money Side of Life
9.  Oh, Lonesome Me
10.  She's Gone
11.  Why I'm Walking
12.  Baby Rocked Her Dolly
13.  Blue Blue Day
14.  Family Reunion
15.  Rain, Rain
Bonus Track
16.  June Carter Jokes About Frankie

The first full new project from this Country Music Association of Texas Hall of Famer in years!  Featuring a special duet with Leona Williams and produced by Justin Trevino in San Marcos, Texas.

Frankie Miller

"The Family Man "


1) Too Hot To Handle 2) Pain 3) Don't You Dare Tell Ruby Where I'm At 4) Old Side of Town 5) Family Man 6) If You Were Me

7) Two Lips Away (With Leona Williams)

8) There's A Song On The Jukebox 9) Pickin Time 10)Blackland Farmer 11) Out of This World 12) I Flew Over Our House 13) Song of Songs 14) Keep On The Sunnyside


The Musicians include Bobby Flores Fiddle, Justin Trevino Bass, Dixie Hankins & Jim Lossberg Drums, Ron Huckabeee Piano, Dave Biller & Paul Skelton Lead Guitar, Jim Lossberg Steel Guitar, Justin Trevino Rhythm Guitar, Justin Trevino Harmony Vocals

Frankie Miller


Frankie Miller

"Blackland Farmer "

1.  Blackland Farmer
2.  Family Man
3.  Baby Rocked Her Dolly
4.  A Little South of Memphis
5.  It's Not Easy
6.  Gotta Win My Baby Back Again
7.  Poppin' Johnny
8.  Money Side of Life
9.  Big Talk of The Town
10.  Katie Malone


Frankie Miller