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Johnny Bush



1. A Moment Isn’t Very Long 
2.  Jealously Insane  
3.  The Door  
4.  Statue Of A Fool  
5.  All The Rage In Paris (Duet with Randy Rogers)
6.  Troubadour (Harmony by Randy Rogers)  
7.  Neon Nightmare  
8. Man With No Soul At All  
9.  She Thinks I Still Care 
 10.  I Can Feel You In His Arms  
11.  She’s The Trip I’ve Been On  
12.  Ease Me To The Ground
13.  Where Were You Last Night   
14.  Déjà Vu

CD $13.95 Johnny Bush - Reflections

Johnny Bush
Who'll Buy My Memories


1. Loud Music & Strong Wine

2. Devils Disciple

3. Genuine Healer Of Time

4. Death In The Family

5. Im Still Not Over You

6. My Next Bottle Of Wine

7. When Loving Me Was Wrong

8. Am I That Easy To Forget

9. Conscience Im Guilty

10. Hell Stays Open All Night Long

11. Ive Got A New Heartache

12. Who’ll Buy My Memories

13. Pop A Top (with Jim Ed Brown)

14. If I Were Me

15. Drinking Champagne

16. Ive Come Back To Say I Love

CD $13.95

Johnny Rodriguez & Johnny Bush
Texas Legends

For The First Time Together

Two Legends and One Great Album!

1.  You Lied To Me
2.  Troubles
3.  The Rio Grande Runs Red
4.  Ole Wore Out Cowboys
5.  If Cheaters Never Win
6.  Vamoose Vamonos
7.  What Do I Do With Me Now?
8.  There's Somebody Else On Your Mind
9.  If I Haven't Said I Love You
10.  Leaving Lyin Down

11.  A Soft Place To Fall

$13.95 CD

$13.95 CD

Johnny Bush & Justin Trevino
"Texas On A Saturday Night"

1.  Texas On A Saturday Night  2:35
2. (Wine Friend Of Mine) Stand By Me  2:33
3. Shell Of A Man  2:35
4. If She Could See Me Now  2:27
5. That's What Its Like To Be Lonesome 2:56
6. Jim, Jack & Rose  2:27
7. Curtain In The Window  2:33
8. Tonight I'll Break The Bottle Out 2:53
9. The Part Where I Cry 2:48
10. Wrong Side Of The World 3:02
11. Pour The Wine 3:22
12. Mr. Record Man 2:50
13. Under The Influence of Love 2:21
14. I Threw Away The Rose 3:10
15. Swinging Doors 2:47


1) Lillie's White Lies 2) One Shot At A Time  3) There'll Be NoTeardrops Tonight 4) Add Another Fool To The Flame 5) In My Frame of Mind 6) Crazy Dreams 7) You're Turning Down the Flame of Love Too Low  8) Mind Breakin' Blues 9) The Women Make a Fool Out of Me 10) September In Your Eyes 11) I Went Crazy For a While 12) I Must Be Out of Your Mind 13) I Can't Get You Off of My Mind 14) I Can Feel Him Touching You All Over Me 15) Tonight He Laid Her Memory to Rest

CD $13.95