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Justin Trevino

  A Salute to Ray Price &

  the Cherokee Cowboys


Walk Me To The Door

I Won't Mention It Again

Different Kind Of Flower (Feat Duane Wavra)

You Took My Happy Away

I'm Still Not Over You

Sittin' And Thinkin'

Take Back Your Old Love Letters

Twenty-Fourth Hour

Heartaches By The Number (Feat Myra Rolen)

Let Me Talk To You

Please Talk To My Heart

Are You Sure

Have My Baby Back (Feat Ray Price)

I'll Be There

Danny Boy


Soft Rain

I’ve Got A New Heartache

One More Time

For The Good Times


CD $ 14.95


Justin Trevino Tribute to Ray Price


Justin Trevino & The Quebe Sisters


Justin Trevino & The Quebe Sisters

The Son Shines Down On Me   

Blue Bonnet Lane   
CD - Only two songs  $ 4.95
1 Texas Honky Tonk
2 You Took Her Off My Hands
3 Heart Over Mind
4 Don't You Ever Get Tired
5 Jim Jack And Rose
6 I'll Warm By The Flame
7 You Ought To Hear Me Cry
8 Shelly's Winter Love
9 Cheatin' Overtime (Duet With Myra Rolen)
10 Leaving On Your Mind (Myra Rolen)
11 When The Grass Grows Over Me
12 I Can't Make It Without You 
(Or A Drink Or Two)
13 My Cup Runneth Over
14 The Loser
15 Long Line Of Empties
16 A Way To Survive
17 The Other Woman
18 Hide And Go Cheat
19 Torn Between Love And Desire
20 Two Empty Glasses

$14.95 CD

Justin Trevino - Live at London Dance Hall


Justin Trevino Sings Johnny Bush



    "Sings Johnny Bush"


    1. One Night At A Johnny Bush Dance

    2. Warmth Of The Wine

    3. Conscience Turn Your Back

    4. You’ll Never Leave Me Completely

    5. When My Conscience Hurts The Most

    6. Cold, Cold Hands

    7. Tonight I’m Going Home To An Angel

    8. Back From The Wine

    9.Tonight We Steal Heaven Again

    10. I Leaned Over Backwards For You

    11. It’s The Last Time I’ll Ever Cheat On You

    12. Texas Dance Hall Girl

    13. Lord Let A Lie Come True

    14.Whisky River

Justin Trevino

"Two Of The Usual"


1. Two Of The Usual
2. I’ll Go To A Stranger
3. Begging To You
4. I’ve Had It
5. Anyone Who Knows Me
6. Better Class Of Losers
(Duet With Tony Booth)
7. Accidentally On Purpose
8. Who’ll Be The First
9. Does He Love You Like I Do
10. Chalk One Up For You
11. Gold Watch And Chain
(Duet With Jan Howard)
12. I Have To Lie

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Amber Digy and Justin Trevino

"Keeping Up Appearances"


1.  Keeping Up Appearances
2.  Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You
3.  Right Combination
4.  That Makes Two Of Us
5.  High As The Mountains
6.  Lead Me On
7.  Wrong Company
8.  Just Between The Two of Us
9.  Which One Is To Blame
10.  Slowly But Surely
11.  After The Fire Is Gone
12.  Kickin' Our Hearts Around
13.  How's The World Treating You
14.  Flame In My Heart

Justin Trevino -

"Take One As Needed For Pain "


1) When She Does Me Right

2) I Just Lost My Favorite Girl

3) We Don't

4) This Time We're Going to Make It (with Heather Myles)

5) My First Night Without You

6) Take One As Needed For Pain

7) Play Now Pay Later

8) She'll Keep Bringing All Her Love To Me

9) I'll Go Down Swingin' (with Bill Anderson)

10) Neon Sun

11) I Did It All On My Own

12) Where Do You Take A Broken Heart?


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$13.95 CD

Justin Trevino -

"Take One As Needed For Pain "


$13.95 CD

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Track 8

Tonight I'll Break The Bottle Out

Johnny Bush & Justin Trevino
"Texas On A Saturday Night"

1.  Texas On A Saturday Night  2:35
2. (Wine Friend Of Mine) Stand By Me  2:33
3. Shell Of A Man  2:35
4. If She Could See Me Now  2:27
5. That's What Its Like To Be Lonesome 2:56
6. Jim, Jack & Rose  2:27
7. Curtain In The Window  2:33
8. Tonight I'll Break The Bottle Out 2:53
9. The Part Where I Cry 2:48
10. Wrong Side Of The World 3:02
11. Pour The Wine 3:22
12. Mr. Record Man 2:50
13. Under The Influence of Love 2:21
14. I Threw Away The Rose 3:10
15. Swinging Doors 2:47

1)Heart That Will Never Break Again 2)Where We'll Never Grow Old  3)Where The Roses Never Fade 4)When They Ring Those Golden Bells 5)I Saw A Man 6)In The Garden 7)If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again 8)The Old Rugged Cross 9)Family Bible 10)Crumbs From The Table 11)Life's Railway To Heaven 12)Remind Me Dear Lord 13)How Great Thou Art 14)Before You Say Amen


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$13.95 CD


$13.95 CD

1)Loud Music And Strong Wine 2)One More Drink And Then I'll Go 3)My Heart Has Finally Said Goodbye 4)Two Arms Two Lips Too Lonely Too Long 5)Teardrops Don't Lie 6)You'd Be Home By Now 7)Somebody's Old Memory Is Mine 8)To Save My Wife 9)I Only Make You Happy When I Cry 10)She Went A Little Bit Farther 11)I'd Know You Anywhere 12)Your Memory Against Mine 13)Undo The Right 14)If I Ever Need A Lady 15)Torn Between Love And Desire 16)Odds And Ends 17)Tribute to Kitty Wells 18) You've Got Me Right Where You Want Me 19)Neon Nightmare 20)Sing A Sad Song 21)We Could 22)The Least I Can Do Is Try

1) Texas Honky Tonk 2) Stranger In Our House 3) Five Minutes of the Latest Blues (with Mona McCall) 4) Tonight She Hits The Honky Tonks Again 5) I Turn To The Wine 6) The End 7) Love Is No Excuse (with Pretty Miss Norma Jean) 8) Too Many Heartaches 9) Forbidden Love 10) Don't Leave The Leavin Up To Me 11) Face To The Wall (with Darrell McCall) 12) Honky Tonk Atmosphere

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$13.95 CD