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Kimberly Murray & Bob Manning

“Misery Rich”



1. Misery Rich, Whisky Pour

2. I'd Just Love To Lay You Down

3. I Heard Momma Talkin' To Jesus

4. Paying For My Memories

5. Between China and Nome (Texas)

6. The Cowboy Rode Away

7. I Trust You

8. Longing To Be

9. Figment of My Own Imagination

10. I Hear Her Crying

11. Four Fingers of Whisky

12. Your Bottle Called Me

13. No One To Blame (Ode to Gary Stewart)




 A World Away

1.        Crazy Dreams

2.       A Second Time Around

3.       Hi-Lo Bar-N-Grill

4.       Keep Our Mind Out Of This

5.       Feelin’ Kind of Haggard

6.       Audrey

7.       Keepin’ The Fires Burning (With Bob Manning)

8.       Lost On Broadway Blues

9.       Shade Of Blue

10.   Someone To Finish What You Started

11.   On This Side Of The Bed

12.   South Of Montgomery

13.   South Of Montgomery (Reprise)


Kimberly Murray   "A World Away   "  




Kimberly Murray  & Bob Manning

One Night Only


1. Good Mornin' Darlin'
2. Blame This Mess On Young
3. From Where I Came
4. Same Battle Fought Yesterday
5. Last First Date
6. Lovin' In Three Quarter Time
7. Cheatin' Side of Life
8. Three Chords Away
9. When I'm Drunk
10. Loves Me Right
11. I Can't Imagine
12. Bunkhouse Breakdown
Bonus Track:
13. Devil Makes No Change

Kimberly Murray

Another Day of Lonely


1.  Let Me Go

2.  Out of My Mind

3.  If Practice Makes Perfect

4.  She Did This To Me

5.  What My Thoughts Do All The   Time (duet with Tony Booth)

6.  Your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad

7.  Just a Memory

8.  Wall to Wall Heartaches

9.  I'll Be Your Honky Tonk Angel Tonight (duet with Bob Manning)

10.  Another Day of Lonely

11. One Step Away

12.  Honky Tonks Slow Sad Music

13.  Jesus Hold My Hand (with Justin Trevino, Amber Digby and Mona McCall)

CD $13.95



Kimberly Murray
"Once Upon A Time In A Honky Tonk"
Produced By Justin Trevino with lots of steel and fiddle!

1.  Lonely Ever After
2.  No One To Hear My Song
3.  We're Both Lying To Me
4.  I Never Once Stopped Loving You
5.  The Steel Guitar Song
6.  I Can't Remember
7.  The Only Thing Thats Real
8.  Living And Learning (With Jake Hooker)
9.  The Home You're Tearing Down
10.  The Box It Came In
11.  Don't Believe Me I'm Lying (With Justin Trevino)
12.  When The Angels Sing
$13.95 CD